Enjoy the beauty of seasonal flowers and trees in our garden with a history spanning back to the Kamakura Period

Utsunomiya Grand Hotel's garden provides a gracious welcome to visitors. This garden has an ancient origin spanning back to the Kamakura Period. It has ties to Fujiwara no Soen, the great-grandchild of Imperial Regent Fujiwara no Michikane and forefather of the Utsunomiya Clan that lasted for 22 generations. Afterwards, it has been beloved by historical figures and many other people over a long period of time including the Edo and Meiji Periods.
When you come to Utsunomiya Grand Hotel, we recommend that you take a stroll through our garden. The dozens of varieties of trees and flowers are beautiful in every season, creating a pleasant atmosphere where you can experience the leisurely passage of time.

History of the garden